Escape The Drones, Blow Your Mind


Anil our bass player said it best

"I'd rather play music than drive a Tank"



Earn the right is a song of emancipation. When in rehearsal we always continued into an open jam which turned into the song "And Do You See Her", the lyrics for this song came almost completely during the recording process of Earn The Right.

The main vocal is one take and one take on supporting vocal

I love this song and I love that this recording is a record of the inspiration to the lyric. Together with a song called "The End", these have become a signature medley in our live performances.


I Don't Say, You Don't Answer   (All we got is Time)


I was asked if I could write a song that could be used a  theme for a  rescue shelter  for  pets from abusive

households. I came up with the music first and was having a challenge coming up with lyric and story line. While in the shower I noticed that steam had formed on the glass door leaving some small cracks that I could still see through which inspired the opening line. The song then became a two voice dialogue, the verses being the despair of the relationship and the verse the light that gives hope in the darkest moments and allows  the victim to move on.  This started with a specific purpose but grew beyond that.

All Songs written by Joe Mc Cormack ©2016 all rights reserved